We are explorers

At Uncharted Shores, we understand the colours the world has to offer and are always prepared to explore the shades yet unknown

To travel is to gather the world in your backpack. Every piece of land you step on adds its unique color to your pallet. Whether you chose to keep going forward, or return home with the content of having explored a new shore, every place you visit enriches your life.

Uncharted Shores is aimed to provide not just a tour but an experience. And, every experience for the first time is priceless; ask a baby who felt the breeze for the first time on his face or was licked by a dog for the first time and you will know the beauty of living something for real. We, at Uncharted Shores strive to create such experiences that are worth much more than every single penny you spend.

With over forty years of combined experience in wandering and exploring shores, known and unknown, with friends and with souls unknown, we commit to making our fellow wanderers see the world with a new vision. We commit to being a host and a companion. And a companion always makes sure that you get what you deserve.

India has much to offer and our philosophy is deeply rooted in this simple idea. India can give you all that you desire. It’s just a matter of how you want to approach her.

We have been crafting extraordinary experiences since our inception. Customised travel in India with tailor-made itineraries for classical tours, special interest tours, incentive travel, adventure and wildlife tours are our areas of specialisation.

Our itineraries are designed around themes that bring you face to face with India’s rich heritage – be it music, dance, crafts, textiles, fairs or festivals. We take you through forts, palaces, forgotten cities, jungles, museums, exotic settings and exclusive performances. We explore with you the Indian panorama – treks high up in the mountains, sun down the beaches, and we watch the tigers in the wild.

We are very proud of our country. It is home – and the only one we know. We love its people, sights and smells, and we wish to share them with you. We would be richer with the wisdom that you would bring with you. From that would grow and understanding and peace. Thats all.

Uncharted Shores is born out of our love for INDIA and a desire to share this love with the world. We are dedicated to creating unique, authentic experiences that engage and indulge all your senses. Our grassroots approach to travel (strong local presence, extensive knowledge, excellent working relationships with hotels) is aimed at keeping the operational costs low to facilitate services that are rewarding and enriching.

Having managed the travel businesses of some of the leading destination management companies and being widely travelled across India, Vibhuti brings lifelong experience in designing tailor-made holidays for guests who want to experience the culture, history, meet the people of the land, and return with lifelong memories…. delivering the promise of experiential travel. She has the creativity to inject the unusual into the cultural and luxury journeys.

Working for multinational travel companies, the likes of Cox & Kings, Jeewan specialises in looking after the very complex and at times, the very immediate requirements of Corporate Travel. Jeewan has had the opportunity to shoulder travel logistics for corporate clients, the likes of IPG (Inter Public Group), World Philatelic Exhibition 2011 & Sanjay Hinduja Wedding.

We are a travel collective: a community of experienced travellers and travel experts, united by our commitment to making sure you have a truly brilliant and unique time. 

I was very impressed by Ms. Vibhuti Sant’s service and patience. She coordinated logistics for a group of over 20 people throughout five cities in India: New Delhi, Agra, Jodhpur, Mumbai (Bombay), and Cochin. Not once did she ever lose patience even when it came to difficult check-ins. Everything went smoothly and without hiccup. I could not ask for a more perfect vacation.
Aysha Valery