A journey that we can share and recreate for others

The Indian Subcontinent is alive with colourful sights and sounds, and an immensely rich cultural and natural heritage. From adventurous trekking in the Nepalese Himalayas, the unique Dzongs and Buddhist culture of Bhutan, India's vast size and diversity, to the compact and beautiful island of Sri Lanka, this region offers a wealth of fascinating travel experiences.


INDIA is a land where history marries modern imagination. It is a song of Himalayan ice and Rajasthan desert fire. It is an ecosystem of different beliefs and it is a jazz of different cultures, each playing its own tune. Even the wild has followed one of the most complicated systems of evolution.

The north is banded by the snow-crowned peaks of the Himalaya. Moving south, you pass through Rajasthan, a microcosm of India with its forts, palaces and temples, as well as the Taj Mahal. Central India shelters leopards, elephants and the Bengal tiger. In India’s northeast corner, Calcutta still exudes its colonial heritage in a landscape of Bengali mansions and neo-Gothic architecture. West-coast Mumbai is an improbable proposition — a hub of manufacturing where you can wander among Art Deco architecture or through a teeming bazaar. Down in India’s south, cruising Kerala’s backwaters on a converted rice barge is a suitably relaxed way to embrace this region’s laid-back approach to life.


Right on the shoulder of the great Indian lady rest Nepal and Bhutan. NEPAL wears the highest crown of the word, the Everest and yet the locals here treat you as one of their own. The artistic Himalayan passes, the valleys of cold pristine beauty all invite every visitor into its home and leave a memory pure enough for ages.

Nepal is an adventurer’s paradise – it’s not all expeditions and hard-core trekking in the Himalayas though, you can capture the essence of the Nepalese culture as you wander the century-old pathways among the gentle rolling hills, and take in the stunning sights of lush green valleys and ancient villages. The cities, although a bit of a culture shock, are bustling with noise and color – lose yourself in the peace of the Buddhist temples or go shopping in Thamel. Nepal is a truly epic destination…


BHUTAN, just like its brother Nepal is protected on all sides with lands of mighty cultures but Bhutan is one of the most peaceful places of all. It is the hidden treasure; it is the Himalayan Kingdom where religion and nature have come together in a compelling Buddhist culture. 

One cannot fail to like a country which measures itself through gross national happiness. It offers peace and tranquillity, unmatched physical beauty, an attractive culture and people and a genuine sense of wellbeing and enlightenment. Nowhere is this more obvious than in the ancient monasteries, or dzongs, which serve as the administrative headquarters for each region. Bhutan is a tonic for the soul and should be visited by everyone once in their lifetime.


Right where the Indian land ends is the lost pearl, SRI LANKA waiting in water for its shore that it never meets. The civilization that dates back almost the beginning of time stores the real soul of Buddhism. Its beautiful beaches and ever lively culture keeps every visitor bedazzled.

Marco Polo once referred to the island of Sri Lanka as the “finest of its size in all the world”. Today, that statement still holds true as the country’s unique authenticity, culture and diversity make it an intriguing destination offering travellers distinctly new experiences each and every day.

This is how Uncharted Shores sees these four enticing countries. We welcome you to immerse into this faint picture we have painted for you because this is just the basic palette to choose from. Once we begin mixing colors, there will be millions of shades....

Uncharted Shores planned a fantastic trip for us across India. It was so nice to arrive and have all logistics taken care of. I never had to worry about my next meal or transportation or guide. Vibhuti knows many off-the-beaten path attractions throughout the country. I'd highly recommend working with her!
Jeremy Jick